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Future Workshop "The Future of Adult Education in Turkey," , Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (IIZ-DVV), Ankara, Turkey, 2002

Lecture and discussion group about "Citizen Participation in Traffic Discussions" at the German-Polish Congress in Warsaw, Poland, Organizer: European Academy of the Urban Environment (Berlin), 2000

Future Workshop "The Future of Adult Education in Russia,", Goethe-Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1999

Lectures, Facilitation and Documentation in the EU project "The City in Dialogue - Awareness Raising Campaigns an Public Participation in Central and East Europe", Workshop in Berlin, Germany and Bratislava, Slovakia, Organizer: European Academy of the Urban Environment (Berlin), 1999

Lecture, "Traffic Forum Salzburg," Vienna Conference for Mediation, ARGE Social Pedagogy, Academy for Psychoanalysis, Vienna, Austria, 1999

Lecture "Citizen Participation Processes," at the Goethe Institute, Ankara, Turkey, 1998

Traffic workshop for government agencies and environmental groups, Busteni, Romania, 1997

The Future of Adult Education in Focsani, Focsani, Romania, 1997

Lecture "Mediation in City Planning Processes," at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA, 1997

Participation as a mediator in the research project "Conflict Cultures and Intercultural Mediation," organized by the Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management, Berlin, project in Bléré, France (1996) and Santa Fé, New Mexico, USA (1997)

Lecture "Traffic Forum Heidelberg" as an organizational example for agenda processes at the Second European Conference for Sustainable Cities and Towns, Lisbon, Portugal, 1996

Future Workshop "The Future of Adult Education in Romania," Romanian Adult Education Federation, Paltinis/Sibiu, Romania, 1995

Lecture "Traffic Forum Heidelberg" at the Metropolis Conference "Environmentally Correct City Development and Traffic," Budapest, Hungary, 1993
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