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For the following methods I offer seminars and trainings:

  Appreciating communications (“non-violent communication” as to M. Rosenberg)
  Creative solution findings/ lateral thinking
  Interconnected thinking
  Diverse methods (mediation, mediation of large groups, future workshops,  future search conference, appreciative inquiry, overcoming stress, customer orientation)

Consulting and coaching
Consulting and coaching of leading personnel within business, administration and politics is a growing field of action that results in my project and seminar experience.

Processes and Techniques

The used processes and techniques to perform conferences, congresses, workshops and to accomplish citizen participation methods are various and are chosen in dependence of specific targets, assignments, situations and circumstances. These are the used methods:

  Citizen forum/Round table
  Facilitation of large groups
  Consensus conference/Citizen conference
  Creative solution search/ lateral thinking
  Planning cells
  Szenario method
  Traffic forum
  Interconnected thinking
  Appreciating communications (“non-violent communication” as to M. Rosenberg)
  World Café
  future search conference
  future workshops

During the processes of opinion making, decision making and conflict solving I have the role as a neutral and independent third person mainly. I am facilitator, moderator or mediator and perform various communication, moderation and mediation techniques oriented towards participants and circumstances.