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Focus Areas of Work


In the following, I list my current work fields. While considering the list bear in mind my educational and professional career steps. On the one hand, I hold diplomas in economics as well as in city planning and have an education as a trainer in communications, facilitation and mediation. On the other hand, I gained 30 years of practical experience in the communal administration of a large city. Furthermore, I worked parallel to my administration job for 25 years as a coach giving seminars and trainings as well as accomplishing projects within the tension-filled areas of citizens, administration and politics.


Seminars, trainings, lectures

Currently, my main field of action is giving seminars and trainings to deepen the knowledge and to offer exercise of methods. These seminars are tailor-made and take into account the participants’ working environment as well as their experience world.

Regarding this topic, I also offer lectures at conferences and workshops.


Consulting and coaching

Consulting and coaching of leading personnel within business, administration and politics, is a growing field of action resulting from my project and seminar experience.


Facilitation of development and decision making processes

Beyond processes of citizen participation, there is often the need to facilitate (large) groups target as well as result oriented.


Moderation of conferences and congresses

Another work area of mine is the moderation of conferences and congresses with methods oriented towards the participants. Thus, making it possible to have a varied mixture of presentations, discussions, experience exchange and consensus oriented elaboration of targets, projects and agreements.


International activities

Usually, my international activities are moderations of conferences and congresses with methods oriented towards the individual participants. Several times, e.g. in Russia and Turkey, I have used the Zukunftswerkstatt-Methode. In a research project in France and the U.S., mediation has been my core task.


Citizen participation methods

For regional and national administration authorities I offer consulting, concept elaboration, organisation and moderation as well as accomplishing civic participation methods. On this occasion I propose consensus oriented negotiation and mediation techniques in particular to solve problems and de-escalate conflicts.